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Welcome to Belgian Café, the Triangle’s ultimate Belgian coffeehouse experience. Our recipes have traveled over 4,000 miles from the kitchens of Brussels to Apex, NC. Experience our fine pastries and other Belgian novelties such as the Orangettes which are made from the perfect combination of fresh citrus dipped in decadent Belgian chocolate. Join us for a Petit déjeuner français, our signature breakfast, paired with a glass of fresh Jus d'orange. Stay for a Café latte or Lait Russe made with local, organic coffee beans. If you are short on time, take the Belgian Café experience with you through our variety of desserts from tarts to cakes. Chocolate lovers can indulge in our Le Fondant au Chocolat or Cake à l’Orange et Chocolat. Pick up one of our scratch-made tarts filled with fresh fruits that are sure to please everyone. Our chefs are passionate about pastries and strive to bring you a one-of-a-kind experience.
Belgian Café


The Taste of Belgium!

Belgian Café stems from a desire to recreate and share a piece of our Belgian culture. From our French apricot glaze to our Belgian-Imported chocolate, each scratch-made pastry is made from only the highest-quality ingredients available so our customers will experience our passion for pastries in every bite.

Delicious Espresso

Espresso Coffee

Always adding a soupcon of the Belgian culture that we both share and cherish. Try one of our exquisite teas the perfect combination of serenity, sophistication and artistry Other drinks will include juices, sodas, and a variety of other specialty drinks.


Granola, Greek yogurt, orange juice, side of fresh fruit and cup of coffee. - $7.95
1 egg and 1 piece of toast, 1 croissant, butter and jelly, orange juice, side of fruit and cup of coffee. - $8.95
2 eggs, 2 slices of toast, 1 slice of Swiss cheese, orange juice and a side of fresh fruit. - $7.95
2 croissants, a side of butter and fresh jelly, orange juice, cup of coffee and a side of fresh fruit. - $9.75
1 soft-boiled egg, a small orange juice, two slices of toast served with a side of butter and fresh fruit. - $7.95


A sweet and savory combination of salmon tossed with goat cheese crumbles and sweet honey served over a bed of fresh greens. - $11.95
Delicious salmon is the star of this dish combined with slices of fresh avocado served over bread for a light lunch with big flavors. - $11.95
A traditional Belgian lunch made with eggs, cheese and fresh vegetables baked inside our scratch-made crust. - $9.25
A delicious spinach quiche made with feta cheese in our scratch-made crust. - $8.25


Enjoy a piece of our culture as you experience one of our favorite desserts composed of handcrafted orange sticks dipped in layers of Belgian chocolate. - $8.75 per 100gr
Belgian Café’s version of the popular Molten Lava cake filled with rich Belgian-imported chocolate that will melt in your mouth! served warm with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream - $6.50
The classic tart! Delicious layered apples baked in a flaky shell served with vanilla ice cream and whip cream. - $5.75
A popular Belgian confection made with rich chocolate, dried fruit and nuts that form a mini indulgence sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. - $9.75 per 100gr
Juicy strawberries are the highlight of this must-have dessert made with fresh ingredients served to perfection. - $4.50 per slice
Powdered sugar glistens on top of a bed of fresh raspberries piled high on our scratch-made crust. - $5.25 per slice
A classic treat made with quality ingredients! Our dark chocolate truffles are sure to please chocolate lovers around the world. - $9.75 per 100gr
A delicious custard tart decorated with pearled sugar. - $4.75 per slice

Fine Belgian Pastries

With The Best Ingredients

As part of our passion for pastries we import our high-quality ingredients from France, Belgium and Madagascar. Indulge in one of our pastries and taste the difference today!

Belgian Café

More than a dessert. It’s an Experience.

Indulge in a warm cup of chocolate delight! Enjoy our hot Belgian-imported chocolate in our classic Chocolat Chaud or Chocolat Viennois with whipped cream on top. A treat for any season!
Enjoy our delicate French confections made in-house is a variety of flavors such as Vanilla Bean, Pistachio, Chocolate, Coffee, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Caramel and seasonal.
Our scratch-made tartelettes are made with a classic vanilla pastry cream and filled with a variety of fruit such as strawberries, raspberries and mixed red fruits. Check out our full menu for our complete list of tartelette selections.

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